Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Deep Fried Calamari

I look forward to every Saturday (who doesnt?). yes, cause its the weekend, yes cause Hardy will get up first before me and bring Aidan to the bed, yes cause we can mess the bed up the 3 of us, yes cause we can actually spend family time, the whole day together, i can stay in the shower slightly longer than normal days, we can do so much and go places together... but one main reason why i love my Saturdays - we can go to the market in Geleen.

We get our supply of seafood (normally just fish), there. but last week, there was a catch! i saw some fresh calamari! fresh! and i didnt hesitate to get them! brought back a kilo of them and didnt know what to do with it! i asked Hardy what i should do with them and he told me to just fry them with some batter like those seafood restaurants do back home... so much for wanting to cut down on those oils!


Mix Self raising flour, with rijstflour, salt, pepper in bowl.
Beat one whole egg.
Make sure the calamaris are clean before you cut them into rings.
Dip them into the egg mix and chuck them into the flour mix.
Make sure the oil is super hot before frying them.

Oh, by the way, in case you're wondering, NO, i didnt cook the whole kilo!!! cant wait to see what they've got next Saturday!


Anonymous said...

I love this !
Sometimes I get salt and pepper calamari, makan dengan nasik pun dah cukup.
It's easy to get seafood here, and they are better, fresher and cheaper than the UK.

- rini -

Linad said...

i love deep fried calamari so much!...salu order kedai aje...tp the best calamari so far i've tasted is at san francisco steakhouse klcc...di kedai2 tomyam pun salu order jugak tp tak sama....bila order imagine ring calamari tp bila sampai atas meja jempot2 calamari...kehkhekehke....

Anonymous said...

zaza! pandainya ambil gambar! i love the photos sangat sangat!


Zara's Mama said...

rijstflour? what is that?

Looks sedap!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rini: today's thursday!! back to the 3 of you today kan? ;) thats why tak online hari ni kannnn! :P

we love it too! memang sedap makan macam tu aja or makan ngan nasi. and i'm sure you get a lot of seafood there. jealous la! how cheap is cheap? rini, i seriously think you should have a blog!

k.linad: kat mana san fran steakhouse eh? baru ke? kita tak pernah nampak pon.. kedai kedai tom yam punya lagi sedap k.linad!! tapi tengok kat mana laaa... kan?

mia: terima kasih, like i said, apa aja ada di dapur tu je la kita pakai. nak zoom or adjust or compose memang tak ada masa sebab (1)ada anak kecik (2)hardy dah tak sabar nak makan! hehe..

zara & zaria's mama: sorry.. rijstflour is riceflour!!

Anonymous said...

It's cheap.
A kilo of mussles is aud10.
For big sotong ( I mean really big ), 1 kilo lagik aud19.90 camtu.

For seafood I usually pergi Sydney Fish Market, you can even pilih whatever fish, or lobster then you buleh kasik the tukang masak to cook for you. Too bad my husband is allegic to seafood, kalu nak hentam makan ..i sorang sajalah. Or with a few friends.

ps : Haah, boss dah balik. Lagik pon time diff lah Zaza, i online you takde, you online i plak dah membuta, camne ?

- rini -

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rini: that's dead cheap!!! heaven nya dok kat australia! kalau nak hentam seafood memang best hentam beramai ramai, sorang sorang memang tak best. i'm on a see-food diet now! haha. cepat bukak blog kita main pondok pondok, masak masak, kongsi kongsi resipi! ;)

ye! bila i free, aidan dah tido, you're offline dah malam. tak pe, we'll chat soon k? had a good weekend?