Friday, 24 August 2007

Redza's Sticky Chicken

To those who knows Redza, my brother in law, you might be surprised that he cooks! apart from being a DIY addict, he can honestly cook!

My mum spoke of his grilled chicken wings last couple of months after tasting it last year. and last month while in the UK, Redza showed me his cullinary skills and how to make the ever so easy peezy sticky chicken wings. i almost couldnt believe how simple it was and how good it tastes! and to top it off, he came up with it himself! bravo!

Redza's version, you will need just 2 ingredients - Chicken Wings and thai sweet chilli sauce.
My version, you need to add another cruicial ingredient. one that i'd always have in my fridge (i ought to grow them myself by now) - Corriander.

Everyone, absolutely everyone can do this. thank you redza!! i love you verrrryyy much!!


Make sure you wash and later pat dry the chicken wings. arrange them on a baking tray, and spread some thai sweet chilli sauce. grill them in the oven. layering the chicken repeatedly with the sauce. make sure you turn them!! and the last layer of coat, sprinkle some roughly chopped corriander.


anzed said...

i can't wait for iz to buy us an oven...dah lama tak grill/bake :(. another fish we loved was turbot, steam w assam or thai style. pari=skate.we managed to get them even ikan bawal when we were in NL.we used 2 get it fr haagsemart/hobbemart or simonis.

Muna said... sticky and nice....I felt the need to shower just looking at them.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...
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Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

anzed: izi!! cepat belikan oven!!! i know pari is skate but kat sini tak de pon jual? got ikan bawal here? oh my god!!!

muna: i think i should call you k.muna kan? funny la you! it is really sticky tau! tapi sedaaapppp!

anzed said...

looks like u gotta make a fish marketing trip to den haag la dear...:)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

anzed: i will search for this ikan bawal sampai dapat!!! watch me! (what is it in dutch?)

Ajzie said...

Nak try nantiiiii... mcm sedap n mudahhhhhh sgt