Sunday, 12 August 2007

Twisted Tissues

You know the tissues you normally stuff in your gift bags? those thin papers? sometimes you might get them in the box when you buy a pair of shoes? (depends where) well, there's plenty to do with them. dont throw them away! and no more stuffing them in your gift boxes or a bags. twist them instead!

You dont need much to decorate your gift boxes or gift bags. just a tad bit of that thin tissue paper. it helps if you have coloured ones. try crumpling it just a liiiitttle bit before you roll them into a flower. twist the ends to make it like a stem so that it'll be easier for you to tie them onto your bags.

I used a recycled white bag, got it from the chip shop! add your flowers and bring some life to the bag! no more going out to get ribbons or tying a bow!

Of course you can! keep on trying!


mamafami said...

You are really really creative. Agaknya kalau kita dekat, boleh join venture dengan Zaza sepahkan rumah dengan kertas yang digunting gunting yek....hehehe...

Anonymous said...

elloo zaza,

aiiyyoo...creative nya u....i kalau beli kasut etc...cepat cepat je,, masukkan kotak kotak tu ke tong sampah!!! he he more kay!!! esp on boxes, cards?? ...i just love to read your blog! hope can meet up when u re back in kl...ernie

Anonymous said...

za, u mmg patot lah bukak satu kedai kat sana. or, best sell your stuffss online. the stuffs that you do are simple, yet cantik to have it as an art deco at home. i suka the plain, white vase from ikea which you decorate with roses motif serviette papers, very the charming! - yaya

La Nina said...

Hello Zaza,

Thanks for the note you left on my space! My goodness, you are very gifted with your handicrafts and cooking. I am inspired!

Keep in touch.

La Nina
p.s I used to live in Cologne - and love love love Maastricht for shopping or a day out in a charming city... I know that Sittard is not too far away!

anzed said...

did aidan have fun playing w the tissues as well? :)) any ideas for wedding favours?bro in law getting married, insya Allah next year. mil asked me and the extremely non creative me hasn't got the foggiest..relying on u for ideas:)) dgn tak malunye..

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

mamafami: bukan creative namanya.. tak ada kerja cari kerja!

ernie: actually my hands cant stay still for even a min! i am not creative.. altho ambition is to be one. hehe. next time, before you throw something, tengok dulu if it can be recycled!! will try to post more. insyaallah when we're back, we'll try to meet up ya?

yaya: you think ada orang nak masok my shop ke? i doubt it! the white vase tu senang je buat! and they're really cheap!! try it!

nina: i love reading through your blog. i really ought to be a little bit more adventurous in the kitchen and try cooking us some healthier food! we will definiely keep in touch! next time round whenever you're down south, give us a shout! ;)

anzed: aidan's hobby now is to tarik tissues out of its box!
wedding favours? i used to live, eat, breathe them! ;) tonnes to do! but first you have to think of what you want to give e.g sweets, pot pouri, dodol, telur? once dah decide on that, then decide on the base e.g bakul, kotak, kain etc... and then the decoration. do you guys want to make them yourselves or nak beli yang dah siap? there's tonnes in the market!
(p.s: baby n dah baik demam?)

kaezrin said...

seriously mmg buleh b uat bisness...cantik

Anonymous said...

this is really creative zaza. i would never thought you can twist the papers into flowers. BRAVO


Mum said...

Wah, lawar la Dek!!! You did pick the right colours for the flowers.
We know you're very good at creating anything! What's next Dek? I'm sure theres so many of your friends waiting to see your next creativity, me too!!!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

kezrin: thank you but not too sure on doing it as a business here tho!

MiA: thank you, next time when you have those soft papers, try it!

mum: i've got lots of ideas but no time to do them! once kakak's ok you come back here tau! oh mak, i'm thinking of putting up a post on your beads and such. boleh?