Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Lemon Rice

Another indian dish i made on one of our indian nights. i cooked curry without using any curry powder for the first time. it turned out really good. tried the the second time, i failed. i just have to keep on trying till i get the right balance. but anyway, i wanted to share this. a rice dish you can have with your masala, tikka, paneer, any indian main dish - Lemon Rice.

The lemony taste gives you that extra something! as usual, i'm no expert. i cooked this and tried it along the way as i wasnt sure on how much lemon i should put. so if you dare, give it a try! life's about taking risks! heheh ;)


Mustard Seeds
Fenugreek Seeds
Tumeric Powder
Curry Leaves
Lemon Juice
Cooked Basmati Rice

1. Heat a tad bit of oil in the pan.
2. Add the seeds and the curry leaves and wait till the smell gets really happening.
3. Squeeze some lemon juice and add a pinch of salt.
4. Add in your rice to the pan and stir till they are well coated and every grain's yellow.

Success! (good luck in dutch)


Anonymous said...

chef zaza, don't waste your talent, have your own cafe, i'm sure it'll be a hit!
the wharfer.

Anonymous said...

thanks for dropping by my FP :-)

cats are delightful, aren't they?

love your simple recipes... will browse more and maybe try out some....


ummi said...

i've been looking for this recipe actually. does it taste the same with the rice served at Manhattan Fish Market (kat Malaysia lah ni).

btw, i like you photography skill. suka tengok gambar2 tu...

muna said...

Let see if I'm lucky this time....

Muna said...

Houston... we have made contact!!

Crab dish looks great....
Lemon rice...fantastic!!


zara's mama said...

I tried leaving comments yest but blogger wasn't cooperating!

Btw, you cook well and I like your craft too!

How do you find time with a child to care for?

How old is Aidan?

Zara's Mama said...

And Euro 100 for your Trip Trapp? What a steal!

Anonymous said...

zaza dearest,

u ni superb lah...i think you are talented in photography too...! ernie

anzed said...

let's see if this works..poffetjes w margarine n no milk/eggs....hmmmm,tak sedapla..i am still on a no seafood,no dairy,no eggs n no nuts diet!btw, cod=kabeljauw.we loved rood dorade,kinda similiar to red snapper.sea bass(zeebass) is also nice.

Muna said...

Can't update my site...something wrong with the server.
I think monkfish is known locally as zeeduivel.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

the wharfer: this is not talent. this is survival!!
(p.s: it's friday dah! did you manage to get everything done?)

aliza: they are indeed! we miss both milo and jengga. cant have cats here sebab mahal. cat food pon mahal! let me know and give me feedback if you try them out k? i masak hentam je actually!

ummi: hello! i am not aware of manhattan fish market. kat mana tu? is it in kl? nanti kalau ummi try buat, let me know if it's the same or not k? about the photos, there's a lot of functions macam macam boleh buat but i know only one! that says it all. hehe.. but thank you!

muna: yey!! we've made contact. (damn this blogger!) hehe. funny la you!

zara's mama: aidan will be 1 next month! i craft when he takes his nap. i cook when my husband comes home from work about 5ish. and sunday i cook the whole day! ;) its difficult to find that right balance at first coz i didnt want to miss aidan's many firsts. i'd put him first at all times and once he's off to bed (around 8ish), then i'd download all the photos and i blog! i wish i could send you a triptrapp for zaria!

ernie: eh.. tak la ernie.. mana superb. masak ni semua is actually for survival, being away from malaysia! gambar tu kan honestly, i reti pakai satu function je! yang tuuuuu jek la i pakai! hardy dah tak sabar nak makan, so i have to get it all in one or two shots! hehe..

anzed: no dont try poffertjes with no milk, no butter. never! hehe. satu kecik one punya boleh what? we always buy kabeljauw. besok nak try that rood dorade lah pulak! lagi nama nama ikan in dutch!! ikan pari tak ada eh sini? maybe up north banyak tak?

muna: (do i call you k.muna? which do think is best?) oohhh monk rupanya... not mong! my god!! hahaha. will try to look for zee duivel tomorrow!! thanks a whole bunch!