Wednesday, 15 August 2007


My usual Sunday mornings - wake up, kiss Hardy good morning (or maybe the other way around depends who gets up first), kiss Aidan good morning, have a little cuddle, a little chat, a bit of a giggle and a wiggle with my two boys on the bed before going down to the kitchen to prepare us breakfast.

You will not see any cereals, jams, muesli, milk on our table on Sundays. i put on my apron earlier compared to normal weekdays and i put a little bit more effort to actually dig into those kitchen cabinets and see what i can make.

Last Sunday - Pancakes! i love making pancakes! you can make so many varieties of pancakes and can never go wrong with them (err...can you?). we love our pancakes fat, fluffy, less sugary, less buttery thus hopefully healthy. i used to crave for pancakes when i had Aidan! and he came out healthyly fluffy indeed!! (at 4.28kg!!)


200g Self Raising Flour
50g Castor Sugar
1 Egg
210-230ml Milk

I had 2 apples lying around and so i peeled and grated them. if you want to add the apples, add 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon.

1. Mix flour, sugar, cinnamon in a bowl.
2. Beat egg and milk together, pour into the flour mixture.
3. Stir well with wooden spoon until liquid is well combined.
4. Stir in grated apple.
5. Heat butter in a pan until melted and bubbling and spoon the mixture. (note: it will rise!)
6. Serve when warm with maple syrup.



Anonymous said...

yumss, i love love love pancakes and maple syrup [hardy + aidan are so lucky to have you!]. also love your description of aidan - 'healthyly fluffy', hope he has recovered from theCP.


linad said...

hi lama tak menjengah...your pancake buat k.linad lapar je (memang tgh lapar ni!!) k.linad salu beli pancake readymade je. Sedap mkn dgn maple syrup!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

the wharfer: as much as they're lucky to have me, i'm as lucky to have them! and lucky to have made friends with lots in here, esp you! come visit us i'll make you pancakes for breakie! but now you're no longer a catsitter, you'll have time to make pancakes kan kan?

k.linad: ha ah.. lama nya tak ada! gi cuti rupanya! actuallykan, you can add so many things in them, lemon, blueberries, blackberries, tak payah makan pakai maple syrup... i'll try and make some nanti!

anzed said...

i miss poffertjes..:(. n pun loves to tarik tissues every chance she gets,laju je. Alhamdullillah, she is better, jangkit fr daddyla. my floor, glass cabinet, sliding door ada cleaner, n loves licking them:) i asked her to stop sucking the doorstopper, she decides to like it instead.macam macam...hope to catch u online soon.

anzed said...

oops...syntax, lick not like the doorstopper

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

anzed: hey no more missing poffertjes.. you can do them! i'm helping you ni!! :P hehe.. have to buy those pans yang specially made for poffertjes for you la next time! good to know baby n's well. go hide all tissue boxes and wipe those cabinets clean with dettol! hehe..