Thursday, 9 August 2007

Grilled Thai Chicken Chunks

It was half 6 and all i had in the freezer was chicken breasts. our favourite butcher (in Belgium!) has gone for summer vacation, they're closed for a month! half an hour left before my Home & Away starts (yes, yes, i still watch that programme). flip through my new recipe book i recently bought in the UK, and on page 98, i found one that suits the moment - Grilled Thai Chicken Chunks - with my favourite ingredient - Corriander!


2-3 Chicken Breasts cut into small chunks
Fresh Corriander - chopped
1 Green Chilli - deseeded
1 Red Chilli - deseeded
1 whole Lemongrass - chopped
1/2 tsp tumeric powder
1/2 tsp Garam masala
1 1/2 tsp Brown sugar
2-3 tbsp Thai Fish Sauce
1 tbsp Lime juice

1. Make marinade by blending chillies, corriander, lemongrass.
2. Add tumeric, garam masala, brown sugar, fish sauce, lime juice and blend until smooth.
3. Add marinade with chicken chunks in bowl. (if possible let to chill or set aside for at least 1/2 hour. - obviously i didnt have the time i put it on the pan straight away! it still worked!
4. When the chicken chunks are throughly marinated, barbecue or grill them on a pan turning them frequently and basting it with the remaining marinade.
5. Serve with steamed rice and garnish with chopped fresh corriander.

Managed to finish just on time. i get to enjoy my Home & Away, Hardy and i get to enjoy our dinner! :)


Anonymous said...

Were you in Australia before ( or UK ) that makes you watch Home & Away ?

Anyway, am in Sydney but am not into it, but I have been to the beach, which they use bila shooting.

- rini -

MamaFaMi said...

Something like satay right? Only a bit more spicy maybe?

anzed said...

how i miss eating spicy food...terliur betul reading your blog!mee kari pun cik n kita dah sakit perut..oh well!trials n tribulations of breastfeeeding ba...i soo miss poffertjes:))

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rini: hi! i was in the UK during my A's and my uni days and that's when i started watching the programme. we have a sky digibox here, so we can watch UK programmes and somehow tah macam mana, i'm hooked to it again! i have to have my soaps. malay soaps tak dapat, dutch soaps, tak paham, us soaps are exaggerated, uk soaps are boring, aussie soaps are the best! hehe. where is the beach rini? lawar tak?

mamafami: it is!!! memang macam satay! and it is spicy. the only thing was i didnt have any kuah to go along with it. should have made some green curry or something... i'm gonna check your page, perhaps i shall get some inspirations!

anzed: eh, you cant eat spicy meh? sikit tak boleh? siiiikiiittt je. buat jamah ngan hilang rasa terliur! but hey, at least you're passing down good and healthy antibodies and baby N would be sihat dan kuat!! poffertjes? you can make them!! nanti i carik kan recipe ehhh...

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Manchester.
I am totally hooked on Corrie & Eastenders. Moved here ( Sydney ) October 2005.
And I get to watch UKTV via Foxtel ( Sky / Astro ), but Corrie is like 2, 3 years behind, and EEnders is a bit uptodate, tu pun at least 7, 8 months behind.

Aussie beaches are to die for. I live on the North Shore where the beaches are superb and not as crowded as Bondi ( ramai sangat tourists ).

The beach of Home and Away is called Palm Beach. What can I say ? it is indeed a beautiful beach, superduper white sand and, blue water ( i mean, they are totally blue like macam lukisan tu ).

- rini -

ps : am not into American shite. Ugly Betty ka, and all the CSI nonsense. The only thing yang I tengok is Des. Hwives.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rini: manchester? which year if you dont mind me asking? Hardy's from manchester too. we went back there last july and brought aidan to old trafford.

We've never been to Australia. we have heard so much about it especially the beaches. i would have to make sure i have the body to die for to match the 'to die for' beaches first before going! (that'd take a while...) but will surely love to visit one day. one of my friend's in sydney. we go way way back.. back in college days.

(p.s: i love ugly betty! hate csi)

Anonymous said...

La, really ?
My husband's Irish but he has been living in Manchester for years and years, he even born in Manchster.
We got married in the UK, and lived in Stretford for almost 3 years ++ ( 2002 - 2005 ).

Thought dah settle, and we even bought a house in Stretford, but husband was so itchy to live somewhere else. So, we let the house and moved to Sydney in Oct 2005.

I lived in Turkey before moving to the UK ( we all adalah manusia nomad ).

Gimme a buzz if you happened to be in Sydney.

- rini -

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rini: what a story and what a life you have there! you've lived all over! we thought we might settle down back home and bought a house too.. a few months after, hardy's got an offer to work here permenantly. and so we moved!

does your husband like it there? i bet life is so laid back there kan?

double buzz me if you're in holland! ;)

Anonymous said...

Weather wise, YES.
Winter is brilliant, and it's the time where we actually hang out more because it aint too hot. But, some odd days you will get high temp. Now we are moving into Spring and temp reached 27C at certain days, but cooler at night.
Summer is too hot but not as humid as KL. But, we had reached 40C last year, and the year after. It was super HOT.

But life isnt bed of roses kan. A few things that I really miss, specially certain food that I used to eat / get in the UK, and I couldnt find it here.
Like we eat scones with jam and clotted cream which is easy to get from Tesco / Asda, but clotted here is nowhere to be seen here. The aussies makan scones with whipped cream ( boleh ke ? ).
But fortunately I found a shop that sells the hell a lot of UK stuff, like Quavers, Ambrosia Rice Pudding etc etc.
For asian food, am not missing a thing, sebab kedai Malaysian besepah and it's much more cheaper than the UK for eating out, and tastes better too.
But nothing can compared with Indian curries lah. So far, masih blom dapat Indian restaurant yang sesedap UK.

We are going back to Ireland / UK for xmas, and I bet it will be freezing to death.

- rini -

La Nina said...

Hello Zaza,

Thanks for the note you left on my space! My goodness, you are very gifted with your handicrafts and cooking. I am inspired!

Keep in touch.

La Nina
p.s I used to live in Cologne - and love love love Maastricht for shopping or a day out in a charming city... I know that Sittard is not too far away!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rini: yep we dont have scones here too. i really should try making them soon but nothing compared to M&S scones! nanti balik UK, go get the scones with the cream and strawberry jam filling kat frozen section dia k! and tell me whether it's heaven!! i should think eating scones with whipped cream is ok, altho i dont quite like them.

i do miss those curry houses too! the closest we can find here is bottled ones. and what i do is i normally add fresh corriander to it to give it a little bit more of a kick to it!

i'm sure there's plenty of malaysian/asian restaurants there. can get sattay, roti canai at midnight macam kat kl tak?

i'd love to go to australia. there's plenty of craft and baking stores there!!!

looking forward to xmas?

Anonymous said...

Nothing compares to those Indian Curries kan ? Susah nak cari yang betul betul sama dan serupa !.
And, there's no M & S kat sini jugak boleh ?
Aussies are so protective. Even advert on TV pun siap mention " made by aussi, loved by aussie ".

There are a few restaurants that run by Malaysian, and one in town is owned by Melayu, so kat situ lah melepak minum teh tarik.

Ya, asian food is easy to get, and normally I just cook at home, sbb ingredients senang nak dapat. Plus, I have a few Malay friends yang live nearby and we all selalu get together and buat pot luck. Merasa la nak makan macam macam. Selalunya buat hari Ahad, after masjid. We all send our kids to the mosque about 10 minutes from my house, to mengaji muqaddam & alquran.

Come here lah, and do gimme a buzz.

ps : I am looking forward to seeing inlaws and friends, but am not too sure whether I will be ready to face the cold, and rain, and wet and the gloomy sky. But, for sure I am looking forward to Boxing Day sale !

pps : Your husband used to live in Manchester ? Which part ?

- rini -

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rini: made by aussie, loved by aussie? errr... hehe. but tak apa lah, at least you have a mamak there where you can sit, lepak, enjoy teh tarik.. here? there's too many friture shops! but i tell you they are the best! i'll bring you to this one shop where they sell fries with mayo, sweet curry sauce topped with onions. you'll get hooked to it!!

how many children do you have? and i really admire you for sending them to the mosque to learn muqaddam. looks like i have to teach aidan myself, or probably ask mum/dad to come help a bit! hehe. so what's cooking this sunday?

hardy used to study there. he was from umist.

by the way, who won aussie's big brother? hahaha...

Anonymous said...

I only have 1, and he just turned 4 last month, and he's a boy. Drives me mad all the times. He's at Preschool Mon, Wed, Fri and swimming class on Tues. That will keep him occupied, at least only on Thurs that I have to mind him, and sometimes we go out.

I used to take him to the Malay School on Saturday that runs by the volunteers. I just want him to mix with a few Malays so that he could pick up some words. He doesnt understand, and doest speak bahasa Melayu ( my bad ! ).

But, that mosque I have to discipline. Every sunday, ribut taufan sekali pun, we will take him. It's not I want him to alhafiz or something ( if he turns to be, alhamdulillah ), but at least can read alquran, is good enough for me ( at least esok buleh baca Yassin when am 6 feet under ).

There's no stalls here, and there's no mamak. To indulge in teh tarik, we normally go to Kasturi, just like a small cafe which attached to a hotel, which is owned by Malay.

I dont really watch Aussie tv boleh ? I dont know about BBrother or anything else. The only aussie stuff yang I watch, is Australian Idols, and guess what last year this chap won the Idol and he's Irish ..bleh ???

- rini -

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rini: tak boleh macam gini lah asik tengok kat comment "grilled thai chicken" to get to know you!!! but i absolutely love and look forward to your replies! i'm on yahoo messenger under shall we switch?

(p.s: what do you watch then?!?!?! and no! tak boleh, an irish cant be an aussie idol!! heheh..)