Monday, 5 May 2008

Mamma Mia... Pink!

I am terribly sorry for not being able to blog sooner. we just got back from our spring holidays (will blog and post pictures here). arrived last night, and i cant tell you how much fun we had! we really really REALLY had a wonderful time! i really miss holding my scissors, ribbons and papers! after 6 countries, 2500 miles, a lot of sun, pizza and pasta, we're finally back at home. home sweet home.

This was what i wanted to post slightly before leaving for Italy. this was one of the projects i mentioned earlier about me loving pink. it is a hanging memo pad. oh, that brush there is simply for decoration purposes. i couldnt find a nice tall sharpen pencil, so i replaced it with my thin brown brush.

Used some thick board for backing, covered it with sweet pink paper, got myself a tiny memo pad, added my intial, pasted some letters, tied some ribbons at the corner, added a wooden peg, a little bit of this and that and there you go. a useful jotter where you can write reminders and things to do.

I should be blogging again soon, as i've really missed it! wont keep you guys in the dark again! i've got to get sorted, more unpacking, clothes needs washing, aidan needs settling and resting, groceries needs stocking and i've got to get cooking (i really miss rice, no pasta and pizzas for at least a couple of weeks! hehe). i will try to reply most mails by tonight... till next time, take care all...


Emma said...

Dear Kak Zaza,

How have you been?Its been ages since i met you..Last time was when you got married!Oh and how's kak Fifi and family?My parents and I are in the pink of health here..I've been busy with my usual..

I've looked through your blog webpage and i think that your artwork is fantabulous!I've always wanted to try create a lovely piece of artwork but it always turns out to be a mess..

And OMG..the potato bread and the oil & vinegar tuscany blend fries..i admit i've got saliva dribbling from my mouth at the moment..I would love to try the recipes one day(If i have the time and hopefully i won't burn down the kitchen hehe..)

How's the little angel doing?How old is he btw?I must admit he does look like you!Simply Adorable.I envy you!You get to have a living doll to play with every day..I cant wait to have one!(If i ever get married lol..)Hopefully i'd be able to see Aidan one day :)

I heard you and your family went to Paris recently?How did it go?Im sure you all had sooo much fun!Post the pictures up for us to see okay..Especially ones with you in it :)

I'm going out with Bonda for tea..You take care and send my hugs n kisses to Aidan..Kirim salam to Uncle Hardy too!Till later..xoxo..

Ratu Syura said...

Wowww~!! I like ittt!! I'd love to have one of those in my room! Cute sangat!!

Btw, you have an award!

Hope you like it! :D

Milkberry said...

Hello Zazaaaaaaa~ Wow pinkkkk! Is that pink and black combo I see? <3 I am in lurvvvve. How was your trip? I wish I could go on a Eurotrip too!!!

I hope you blog about it soon! So excited to know what you did and all!!

Anonymous said...

hullo kak zaza.
suke tengok all crafts tht u made.
am linking u , can I?


tulipurple said...

kalo dpt kat i tu,kompem i wont use it...just hang it as a display...cantikkkknye!

Anonymous said...

cantiknyer! should try make those cute magnetic fridge lah. and make it one of your collectibles - for sale of course. hehe. halamak, my post-it-filled-fridge have to go laaaa.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

emma: hi emma. we're doing good here thanks. hows everyone at home? hope all is well, if not great. pink of health? that's really good to know! you've been keeping yourself busy with studies? heard you're doing medcine?

how on earth did you manage to find me in here? this is definitely a surprise! you know what, with all the food you have back home, you dont need to try out any of my dishes! this is survival for us! haha. we miss the food back home and over here, dining out is expensive, besides, winter tak ada siapa keluar rumah! but its a different story now since it's going into summer! yeyy!!

aidan's doing good thanks, he's no longer a baby... sometimes i pinch myself.. how fast time flies! k.fifi and family are doing great too. it will be ferran's 1st birthday this july! so we've got that to look forward to! ferran macam cina! mata sepet and just like k.fifi masa kecik, no hair! and yes, aidan looks exactly like me when i was small! most of my baby pictures are with T.bah!

anyway, we'll keep in touch ya? i dont have to tell you to study hard coz i know you will. just enjoy your time, take it easy and work smart. send my love to ayahanda and bonda for me. till next time!

ratu syura: i thank you, ladies and gentleman... i am trully humbled for this award. i have too many people to thank... heheheheh!!! thanks a lot dear! although i dont know what i'll do with them! hehe.

milkberry: this morning i thought of you. i cant help but to love pink now you know! and i thought.. patut laaa.. milkberry ni suka pink. they look good with everything!!! heheh.... i hope you'll get to travel europe, i'm sure you will!!! do let us know if you're in the neighbourhood!

cecima: hi cecima... thanks for dropping by. i love how you capture those beautiful photos! unlike you, i only know how to use one function on our camera!!! yes, of course i dont mind!

tulip purple: i think kan, i'll do the same... as of now, page tu still tak beranjak!!!! haha...

anonymous: i'm assuming you're yaya! tried adding a magnet behind it tapi berat noh!!! will try and do something smaller and lighter!

Wiz said...

Am so gonna try making one of these. Y'know what? I am kind of embarrased to admitting that I am falling for pink too. I have never liked it before, but now tak tau la Z, macam suka plaks. I guess it's part of growing old phase.