Monday, 26 May 2008

Oo ~amore~ oO

How was your weekend? mine was pretty much ok. went to the saturday market to get some fresh fish, taugeh and tauhu, then went to Sittard town, Hardy wanted to get some computer stuff, and that was it. Hardy left for Sweden yesterday afternoon, so Aidan and i spent our remaining Sunday together, outside, playing dirt and sand.

Remember i mentioned about my new toy? well, this is it. it's MS border punch that can create scallops, just like doilies! i am so loving this precious little thing i cant seem to put it down. been playing with it since i first got them and this was my first try using the punch. not up to my level of satisfaction but still ok.

Have a good week ahead guys. thanks for visiting! will post another one tomorrow when Aidan's at playschool!


ummi365 said...

I love that border punch. Reminds me of masa kat kampung nenek where they put these atas para and atas para tu diorang buat cam showcase pinggan mangkuklah..hehehe cute kan.. i don't think sekarang rumah kampung ada lagi such decoration.

tulipurple said...

aduishhh...i terjatuh sbb bertenggek kat tingkap workstation u..huhu.
nice nice nice...i like the karer esp.hehe.last saturday i went to p@rkson,saw a frame for babies..i said to myself-zaza can do much better than this.
wow,u got everything zaza fr the cri-cut,the puncher and the most important thing the touch!keep it up!!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ummi365: kalau ada lagi, you must let me kno! i want them!!! hehe. you know, i dont have a kampung. my kampung is in jb. i've never experienced mandi perigi, main tepi sawah, basuh kaki from a perigi... those sort of thing. i wish to have a big land, in malaysia, buat rumah kampung, with my own perigi, own tempayan, own sawah (ok, too ambitious).. tepi laut, and watch my cucu cicit lari tangkap belalang! hehe...

tulipurple: i actually thought of you when i made this one. coz of the colour!!! by the way, nanti bila datang, i bukak pintu sediakan kosi sebelah i k? no need to bring the ladder! hehe.
i try my best, but its so nice of you to think about me! those farmes at parkson are better i'm sure! solid ones. mahal tak? my mum sent me my birthday present dalam kotak kosong beli kat memory lane, and it costs RM12! i couldnt believe it! mahalnya!!! plain box! yes the gadgets helps a lot. dok tunggu je ada duit nak beli puncher tu!

zuraida said...

Zaza.. mcm selalu, mmg cantik!!!
Pandai zaza bahagikan masa for the craft & to do all the house work!! K.zue nak mengemas during weekdays pun tak sempat, lps keje, balik, masak sambil berperang dengan hamizan - hehehe, mkn, main dengan dia kejap tup2 dah pukul 12am! I wish i can squeeze my time a little bit!

Anonymous said...

hi zaza!! miss u loads!
OMG, you are getting more & more creative, showed your page to my frens and they all adore it so much! bila nak masak lagi?

love always, maz

qyra's fav aunt said...

de ke sawah tepi laut????
u wat umah atas laut la..mcm nyang dulu kan dok atas laut...if im not mistaken la..i tink i've heard it b4 frm Tok De Tan..or mebe im hallucinating..go double cek ngn ur dad..ekeke..
tapi not lido or stulang la..kat tioman ke..perhentian ke..nak cuci kaki x pyah pakai air perigi..kuar umah and celup jek..

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

eh kejap eh, sat lagi reply comments.. aidan dah bangun!