Tuesday, 20 May 2008


My circle of friends in the blogworld is now getting bigger and bigger. and quite frankly, bigger than the one i currently have in real life! it is an absolute joy to have established new friendships, new relationships. most are very warm and honest people, some are trully inspirational, simply special. sometimes you can just tell from the way they write (and in some cases, chat!)

To those whom i havent had the chance to leave comments at your blogs, i'm terribly sorry. dont have much time to be infront of the computer these days. but that doesnt mean that i've forgotten all about you, i do take a peek sometimes., just to see how you guys are doing. how i wish i could have 30 hours a day, instead of 24! i'd spent an extra 2 hours for reading and commenting on your blogs, and the other 4 on crafting!!

You bunch of friends that i have in here have been trully amazing! with all your kind words, i am trully touched and blusshed! and to my new friends who have bought my cards (will write on them soon), thank you for having such faith in me! i did not know that blogging could create such an impact and good friendships in my life. here's to each and every one of you - thank you! your friendship means so much to me!

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...


.. same goes to you sis!

btw, i've crossed lesung batu out of my 'must bring' list!!


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

you've made me laugh so hard today!! it was certainly nice chatting with you! gonna get back to my anniversary card! ;)

Milkberry said...

Yeay for blogging friends!! I don't know if I'm in the list (huhu takmo perasan :P) but the ones who are are lucky! Ooo~ I hope my undying love for pink did trigger something in your creative mind! If not, err... I'll let myself out now :P

Have a nice day Zaza~~ *Huggles glomps*

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

choo kawaii milkberry, thanks to you, i kept pulling out pink papers and ribbons! and of course you're in the list!!! ish ish... mana boleh tak masok list! gi tido gi! dah malam!!! :P hehehe...