Thursday, 15 May 2008

Its a Girl!

A cousin of mine (not really cousins but a relative cousin... oh well... almost all Johorians are related!) just gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Amy and i were in the same class back in high school. we have a good friendship and we still keep in touch till today.

She gave birth to her 4th, a beautiful baby girl, Marissa last month. some people are on the express train huh! they now reside in Thailand and from the look and sound of it, they're really enjoying themselves there! who wouldnt!!! look at the yummilicious food and places to shop!

Amy & Zaiful, Congratulations on the birth of baby Marissa. take care of each other and enjoy each other's company. here's sending you all our best wishes, love, always to all of you!


tulipurple said...

masyaAllah zaza, u r killin me softly with all ur crafts..hehe.another nice welldone job...i doakan one fine day u can hv ur own craft biz!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

tulip purple: allahai... thank you so so much!! that means a lot to me!

Mariam said...

hi zaza..

thank you so much for the card..i dah receive lovely n fav esp the color...