Thursday, 29 May 2008

-An order to Malaysia-

I received a nice email from one lady a few months back. she asked me if i could make her a card for her husband. i struggled to get some kind of an inspiration the first 2 weeks. i didnt know where to start and had no idea on what to do. i fiddled with most of the things i had but i wasnt pleased.

I went to my local craft shop one day, got some stuff, and then came a few stuff in my mailbox and voila! as soon as i held that paper from the journaling book, i just knew what wanted to do with it!

Its always a challenge (for me at least) to make cards for guys, the male gender! i'm very much influenced by flowers and frills, bows and butterflies. i am very pleased with how this one turned out. not only that i'm pleased with the card, but i'm very pleased to get to know the person who ordered it. its nice to make new friends!

Here's to K.Ina for ordering. thanks ever so much for giving me ample time to work on it! glad the parcel arrived safe. hope your dear husband likes the card, and most importantly, hope he likes what's written IN the card ;) kan, kan?


zuraida said...

zaza, creative & cantik!
bila nak balik Malaysia? dah tukar no. h/p ke? k.zue sms few times tp tak balas. kalau dah tukar nanti kasi no. baru eh..

anzed said...

so chic la...gosh! your talent is amazing! prettige weekend!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

k.zue: thank you! ingatkan tahun ni but i dont think it will happen this year. hardy's been too busy travelling this year, so we might plan for it next year insyaallah. hp number is still the same la k.zue! macam mana tak dapat?! actually kan, come to think of it, yoyo sms pon tak dapat hari tu! (p.s: mak dah pindah!!!)

anzed: thank you dear!! hey, we hope you can go to munich again, this time with n. ;) have a wonderful weekend too! hope the weather there's much much better than ours here!