Sunday, 18 May 2008

Talented Hearts

Someone once asked me who first taught me to craft? my dad taught me to draw. i can still remember his sketches of houses and people. he can honestly draw from buildings to landscapes. to craft? the answer would be my mum. she didnt actually teach me, but it was more of an observation. i observed how she does things and then started to combine my own things. it grew from then on. and throughout the years, a lot has inspired me, i've been most fortunate to get to know another lady who is absolutely dear to us - Auntie Rubi.

Mum told me she managed to meet up with her recently before she took off to Aussie. she left some goodies for me, and a book! i've just finished writing a very long email to her, to thank and to tell her how much i miss her alongside some other stuff. apart from my mum, she's one of the most creative people i know. by this, i really mean creative, from icing a cake to ice carvings, from flower arrangments to fabric dyings, from painting to piping, from beading to baking, you name it! she is my Martha Stewart, someone i look up to.

And to top it off, she has a very big heart. she helped us a lot throughout the years. we've embarked ourselves on lots of projects together, and she can come up with brilliant out of this world ideas! we love her dearly. i honestly miss her and wish we could meet up soon (hopefully she'll come and visit us in holland!)

So here's to both you wonderful talented ladies, Auntie Rubi Tawfik and mum! you both inspire me! i honestly miss working with you both! here's sending you a huge big heart, and everything wonderful in life! cepat la datang so we can craft the 3 of us all day!!


tulipurple said...

wow,no wonder u r so talented!u r surrounded by those lovely n creative people...u r so lucky!i kalo dtg sini takde new thing fr u,mcm kuciwa jer...hehe.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

alahai, you're so kind with your words! thank you! i suppose i am lucky indeed, my mum's very creative, in her own special way. and i'm privileged to get to know a.rubi from her.
i'll try my best to update regularly ya? the thing is, i'm always on my craft table, and by the time i'm done with it, it's already late, ngantok, penat, terus tido!!