Friday, 23 May 2008

{A Post on Friday}

I've been making cards every day for the past one week. and i've been playing with my new toy lately! my table's a mess! i should embark on a new little project soon. i'm relieved the cards i sent to Malaysia have arrived safely. will write about them, and the 2 beautiful people who ordered them next week.

As usual, it's Friday, and Aidan is at playschool. this is the time when i create and i blog (once the cleaning and washing are all done!). just to share with you one of the thank you cards i made for salina. i've got a few more orders to make, i hope i wont dissappoint you all!

Thanks for having a little faith in me. and honestly, the reward is just that reaction you get from them. it makes me smile and smile from ear to ear. so thank you, thank you so very much!

I'm off for my run later today, and hopefully gonna do some cycling with the boys this weekend. have a fantastic weekend everyone! enjoy it!


tulipurple said...

well zaza,i think all the good n nice words in this world goes to all ur creative crafts!i dah jd speechless seeing all ur crafts....kalo i jd ur neighbour,haha...rasanye everyday i bertenggek kat tingkap workstation u tu.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

and i thank you for all those nicest things you've said from the bottom of my heart! betul nak bertenggek kat tingkap i? bawak tangga tinggi sebab tingkap sebelah meja i ni bukan on the ground floor!