Tuesday, 27 May 2008

{Tag & Envelope}

A good friend of mine Shila, asked if i could make something for her. she has a part time business selling health and fitness products. she wants me to come up with something for her gift vouchers (a cadeaubon we call it here). and i was playing around with my new punch, i saw some tags i've cut out a few months back just lying there on the table. and so decided to play around with it.

I honestly cant stay away too long from pink! they are the sweetest colour to work with! add a splash of green, and there we have it, a perfect match. i love the combination!

and buttons... i just cant stay away from them... dont you just love the quote?!

Will be showing this to Shila later this evening and see what she thinks of the idea. we run together twice a week now that it's spring. hopefully i could lose some weight, and hopefully it's gonna be a green light from her!

Thanks for visiting guys. i'm off to run some errands before i fetch Aidan from school at 1. have a fantastic day! best wishes, always...


ummi365 said...

pink and green memang pada.. that was why kakak love pink and green in her room. I'll email you her room photos when I have time.

Anonymous said...

so lovelyyyyyy! i had olive green and pastel pink for my wedding day heheheee (tetappp tanak kalah nehhhh! hik)

keep up the good work sis!

shopforshoppers said...

MasyaAllah cantiknya!!! tak boleh tgk warna nie melekat dihati, Zaza semakin kreatif...

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ummi: surely a nice room! surely girly girly kan?

bini mokhtar: hey budak bigor bigor! dah balik bali dah. besok pi hanoi kan? have a great trip!
your wedding must be reallly beautiful! olive green is my favourite colour! tak pe lah, tak payah kalah... i'll let you win this time!

k.sharifah: terima kasih banyak banyak!!! but i still think it's simple! ;)