Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Crikey! It's My Cricut!

I have a super duper husband, i'm extremely lucky! hardy supports me in every possible way. he encourages me with my itsy bitsy crafty hobby. he persuaded me to go to craft fairs even when i didnt feel like it, he even bought me a cricut! the complete set to get me going for months and months and months! he's so positive and filled with enthusiasm. he understands my passion... and currently he's my only customer. i love him loads and loads!

I wanted to get a cuttlebug late last year, after seeing it at my local craft shop. but after flipping through the pages of my craft magazine one night, i saw a picture of cricut. i then and said to hardy, i might just get this really cool cricut. he then studied the machine online and then all of a sudden he knows more about it than i do! he then bid for it on ebay and a huge box came to the door a month later.

What it is is actually a cutting machine. looks like a normal printer. it has a screen and a keypad so that you can select your letters/patters. depending what catridge you have/bought, you can cut alphabets, patters, motifs. it can also make an outline if you have the cricut markers (which i havent tried them yet).

What you do is you place the catridge and the relevant keypad in the slot, switch the machine on, place your paper/chipboard on a cricut cutting mat, then you select your font/shapes, and then you are ready to cut! it took me a while to get used to the preassure and the size cause you might have to adjust different preassures of the blades to different thickness of your paper.

Cricut is by ProvoCraft. a really, really cleaver invention! some Cricut Expression prices starts at USD$230 (not including shipping).

It was just a dream at first, of wanting to get my own cricut. i wasnt too serious about it. i knew i had to save at least a few months before i can actually have it on my table. now, the possibilities are endless!

(p.s: please do not be put off if you dont have one. you can always download some alphabet templates online. i used to to that prior getting the machine. results are pretty amazing as well.. have a look at the birthday banners i made!)


Anonymous said... this is the thing! what font is it? berapa banyak font dia boleh buat?

kaezrin said...

ohhh i nk tgk hasil dr machine tuh..:))

Anonymous said...

ahhh so this is it..nice one eh. small size for what it can deliver, amazing. did all that you've done, the flowers, fonts, banners? very handy and tredy tool then. i like your new banner. ehh you masuk ebay, test ler your products, see if there's any bidders. nothing to loose pehh. yaya

Anonymous said...


so jelous!


zuraida said...

zaza.. bestnya, baru ari ni ada jawapan hehehehe... sure terlekat je kat mesin tu kan? emmm tp kalau convert harga sini boleh tahan gak mahalnya.

Curious Taste Bud said...

I'm jealous too! Kat Holland harga dia about 250 euro. Mahal...


ajzie@kak azi said...

zaza.. now kak azi pun sedang sibuk tgk2 juga provo craft nih... Thanks for the info

k.ct said...


yat....ini 'natang' tu rupe nyer..

hafizah-azmi said...

haha and guess wut?

its MYR 2000++ here.


so,dapat tgk sambil nangis jer r..

btw kak zaza,that green kit pon included in the cricut's set ker?

best nyer..