Thursday, 13 March 2008

{Gefeliciteerd Leon}

Last night, while i was busy with my computer on the table, and Hardy busy with his computer on the bed, he then said, "hey, its Leon's birthday tomorrow!" and these words came out from my mouth "ish, why didnt you tell me earlier!?" i then began to panic, and went straight to my cards to see what i've got. there's tonnes of them, all ready but nothing, not one that suits Leon. Leon and his fiancee Marianka, are both very special people to us. apart from being the nicest people that we know, wonderful friends to us, have great tastes in almost everything and very very cool, we also think that they are the most stylish couple here in the netherlands! (Leon and Hardy works in the same office.) i knew i had to come up with something chic to suit him.

And this was what i came up with last night before going to bed. layers and layers of papers, with Leon's intial. hope he likes it. so here's to our special friend, Leon, Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd! may all your dreams come true! with all our love.


anzed said...

that is indeed a very chic card.i am so amazed by your talent la...hardy is one lucky guy.

Ummi said...

You are so talented.. you can come up with something very fast.. keep on crafting :)

Anonymous said...

very nice Zaza! tw

k.ct said...

cun sangat laaaa !!!

rina said...

nak satu... hehehe.

Ratu Syura said...

this is sooo manly!! i love it!! :D

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

this is a very nice MANLY card Zaza, so u see u r capable of making manly type of cards, so now your crafting skills is perfect, everyone can get a good looking card from u ; ) hugs for a gd weekend, we r finally home with Nora after a 2 weeks stay at the hospital!

Anonymous said...

Zah, that's a COOL card for Leon :P

~ Ddah

Mat Gebu said...

Waaaa.....memang cantik laaa. nampak "maskulin" dan paling menarik sekali "stitches around the border" tu..haiyooo!!!, tabik kat zaza....Hait!!!!!

ummi-sweethome said...

Hai Zaza, first time coming here..waaaaahhh what a nice craft you've done!! How i wish...huhuuuu...cantik sgt n so simple, so nice, so whatever sooo.. hehe..

Muna said... pretty!
do u make cards for
kl-rians? hehehe:)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

anzed: i'm glad you think it's chic. almost 10 mins to decide which papers to use! yes, hardy is one lucky guy! if only someone would tell him that! hahaha... nah, kidding! i am even more luckier n, trust me! ;)

ummi: thank you ummi. sometimes i can, and sometimes i cant! surprisingly i managed to get the colours right and have those papers lying around... and yes, i will keep on crafting, thanks for the encouragement!

tw: thank you! hey, i have a few for you, but i honestly cant decide which one to send. there's one with pastel butterfly, and the other one's with daisys. i think i'll send the daisys lah.. since it's getting to spring already! wait k, check your mailbox in 4-5 days time! ;)

k.ct: thank you.

rina: boleh! nak beli ke? hehe..

r.syura: you can never go wrong with black and white kan? hey, greys anatomy, desperate housewives all starting here!! good news ey! ;) sana dah start?

mush: so SO glad nora's back at home. i'm sure you're happy and relived. i've sent nora a card last week, hopefully she'll like it. please, please please take good care of yourselves. here's sending you all our love, and well wishes! hugs to nora!

ddah: thanks! he's one cool guy! and they are one cool couple too!

mat g: kita pon tabik kat mat, kalau boleh kita nak kidnap mat bawak datang sini, bukak restoran! senang, tak payah lah kita dok kecir kecor tengok gambar gambar kat blog mat lagi!

ummi sweethome: hi! thanks for dropping by. glad you liked them!

muna: hi. thank you. of course i do. i've just posted one to a friend in kl. ;) nak order ke? (p.s: tried clicking to your blog but cant, not invited) :( hehe...