Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Closest to the Real Thing!

I've tried, but i've failed misserably. so this is probably the closest i can get to making the 'perfect' looking cupcake. its now a craze, here, there, everywhere, cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes! you people out there who bakes and decorate your cakes, i envy you!

Anyway, as usual, i blog and craft only when Aidan's asleep or napping. i've just put him to bed and now will enjoy my free time playing with my new toys - stamps!

Oh, and i made myself a chocolate cupcake! will put it up tomorrow (once i can find the photos). But untill then, enjoy!


Ummi said...

About the card, anything will do, I trust that you will give your best.

Looking forward!

Milkberry said...

Oh My God! I didn't realize that you have a crafts blog! Wow I'm lucky I get to know a lot of creative people this past month! And now you're in the list too!

The you should seriously check out! I'm prolly going to open a store on Etsy soon, for selling dolly clothes and cute Japanese fabric I think. (I just got my dependent visa so NOW I can open a bank account yeay!). Maybe you can open a shop there, too! I have a blog friend from Holland who loves crafts as well, she's Tizzlovescrafts on my blog (she has Etsy and quite famous on it).

I love your cards. they're so loverrrly! So glad I stumbled upon your blog! You're loverrrly!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

k.ummi: thank you! will reply to your email soon k?

milkberry: i'm lucky you've intruduced me to blythe! i've never heard of them before! how many do you have? they're a bit pricey arent they? but what a hobby! you're really interesting, you know that!

i've heard of etsy last year. my friend Rita ho mentioned it to me in her email as well, but the thing is, they charge quite a bit of a commission too... but i suppose you cant have it all. perhaps i should give it a try!

good luck with the picnic! let us know what you made! will visit you soon!

Milkberry said...

Haro! I'm interesting? *blushes* thanks! I think you are as well! Plus I think you're a lovely mommy.

I love my dollies. I live vicariously through them haha. I have 15 hehe :D yeah they're quite pricey but it's good investment. The prices are different. Of course limited editions ones costs more. And the price will sky rocket after that! Oh my I can speak on and on about Blythe dolls so I'll stop now!

About Etsy, yeah they skim a bit for commission but my sis in-law says they charge lower than Ebay. Hmmm I'll check on that.

Oh btw we love the same flowers! I love ranunculus too! I planted a pink one (coz it's my favorite color). They are indeed very lovely!

Oh yes! Can I link your blog? Thanks in advanced!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

milkberry: you are ever so sweet! i can see blythe dolls can be quite popular later, a good thing to invest on. you should study the market since there might be a demand for it later on. who knows it might be on antiques roadshow and the price will jump to thousands and thousands! hehe..

i make a lot of cards and have recently started selling them. i doubt myself sometimes, i dont think people might like them, so i'd rather keep them and give them away to friends and relatives. but now i'm starting to sell, thanks to a few who trusts. wish me luck!

i will add you too k! (p.s: lawarrr gambar kawin dia....)

Milkberry said...

Hehe it is on demand. Oh I'm such a devil. You can see the Blythe collectors on This is Blythe forum.

A vintage Blythe (1972) can costs a few thousand dollars, yes. The new Blythe if a limited edition also can go up to ten of thousands of dollars too. I only have one. I bought her for RM300. Now I can sell her for about RM2000. Hehehehe.

Anyways I think your cards are very cute and amazing. Your hubby is amazing too, for letting you indulge in your passion. He's very understanding. I guess understanding hubbies are the best!

Huhu thanks for the compliments for the wedding photos. I'm still a newlywed hehe. I added your link on my blog! Yeay!