Wednesday, 5 March 2008

My First Order!!

I've got my first order of 5 cards! yeyyy!!!!!

Apart from my super husband, i now have another customer! i've never met her, but we met through the ever so talented Wiz. I've never met Wiz as well but we've chat online a few times and from there, we became good friends.
The order came through via email. we then corresponded back and forth (and to be honest, i dont write much emails but i do read them, and one can certainly tell from the way one writes!). I sincerely hope we'll meet one day. she's gone through a lot lately, and since Hardy's going to Manchester tomorrow, i decided to make her something. hopefully Hardy will get it in the post with a first class stamp on it!

I dont know if she reads my blog regularly, so i shall not ruin the surprise. this is just the jist of it. i hope she likes the colour! will post the full picture once she receives it. this is one very special customer, who doesnt question the price of all the cards. people like this makes you want to give it your all!

Thank you salina. will get those cards ready before your big move to the land down under!

Anybody else interested in my cards? hardy's still helping me out with my new website to sell the cards, but in the meantime, if you've seen any of the cards that you'd like, or trust me with my choice of colours and judgements, do drop me an email at i need to fill up my tin to get Aidan his first tennis racket (or is it a golf club papa?) for his next birthday! hehe..


Wiz said...

Yay! Zaza. There will be more to come, trust me. I will order from you one day too. But right now, there's no occasions that call for them.

Ps I so the love the daisies. Just to let you know, well for no particular reason at all. :o)

Salina said...

Dear Zaza,

Thanks a lot for the beautiful card Zaza and you really gave me a big suprise when Hardy appeared in front of my doorstep. I have not been blog hopping for quite sometime since i started working.

Thank you so much for the kind words in the card and i can't wait to receive your lovely creations. But take time no hurry since my graduation day is in July.

How i wish i that i was blessed with at least 1/8 of wiz's and your talents! Keep creating!

Anonymous said..., count me in. but can it be other than cards, like some decor for an album cover ke? thought of sprucing up my kids' album lah. album's pretty dull for a kid! i'm a terrible at creative stuffs..hehe. yaya

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

wiz: perhaps this summer i should take our foldable table and sell my cards outside, with some lemonade! hehe... (p.s: noted!)

salina: first of all, thank YOU for the 2 books. i went to sleep with them! you shouldnt have, but thanks ever so much! sorry if you were surprised by the deliveryman. sorry if we've invaded your pricacy, in any way. we didnt warn you before going. but i sincerely hope you like it. here's sending you all our love, and many, many thanks!

yaya: ini made to order! perhaps i can try, but can you let me know of the size of paper that you want? is it something you'd want to paste on an album? mail me k?