Saturday, 22 March 2008

Happy Spring!

Spring is my favourite time to hunt for things. i love pastels, i love flowers, i love the smell of spring. colours! everthing's full of colours!

There's so much to look forward to this spring. we're going to do up the garden, plant more plants, buy Aidan his sandpit, slide and hopefully a swing, a trip to Keukenhof and hopefully we will get to travel again this spring/summer and see other parts of Europe.

I've been busy with cards and presents for the past week. 2 to JB, 1 to London, 1 to Maastricht, and i prepared a gift to be sent to Switzerland (you guys know who you are, so better watch for the postman!). i'm still doing up some more, to be sent to the states (finally, after a long wait for your address haha :) - you know who you are!), and a belated birthday card to the land of my favourite soap Home&Away!) .

My hyacinths were covered with snow yesterday! we had some snow showers, yes, in march! on Good Friday! weird weather. but anyway to those who celebrate Easter, here's one to you guys! and to all of us, hope our lives will be filled with loads of beautiful colours! enjoy spring!

There will be plenty more crafts, cards and cooking to celebrate spring coming up! thanks for visiting!


Ummi said...

Flowers are blooming!..Nice bunny there! Hope you will enjoy your days out.

nina said...

Za, pls pls share yr garden's pics.. post them in yr blog..
we too went to tuincentrum.. i manage to fill the troly with pots of flowers and plants, hopefully they don't die on us this yr!!
Did Aidan help u out in the garden? Well, Johan did, in a way.. he helped to pull out the unwanted, throw them in plastic bag, and eat the soil afterwards.. yearch...

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ummi: they are indeed, but i really dont have green hands tau! i honestly cant grow, i'll just enjoy the sun ;) hehe!

k.nina: malu je letak gambar garden kita. front garden is totally bare, except for 5 hyacints (pink and white), tulips tengah nak naik but no flowers yet. there isnt any grass even! back garden we plan to do bit by bit this summer. i honestly cant grow, i dont have green hands, i know nuts about plants and how to grow them. perhaps i should wait for my parents to come. they are mad about gardening and plants!

what i intend to plant this summer is just an apple tree. the rest all mum dad can take over. all i have to do is just say yes, or no! haha (terok kan?)the daffodils i planted last year grew again!! yipee!

i smiled from ear to ear when i read johan helped you out in the garden! sooo sweet! aidan's not fond of flowers, he runs whenever he sees one!

what did you get at the tuincentrum? i bet your garden's blomming beautifully! i'm scouting for aidan's slide and a sand pit so that nanti when you guys come, johan can play with aidan outside! ;)