Thursday, 6 March 2008

{ Still Good Enough }

I received lots of emails saying they want a cricut but cant afford one. yes, it is a little bit too much for some. even for me! but what i'd like to say here is, the machine is good if you are really a serious crafter, who's really into paper crafting and scrapbooking. who doesnt mind spending most of your money on crafty stuff and forget about those summer dresses and sandals. bear in mind that you need to have lots of cardstock papers once you have the machine, and not to mention change the mat and blades too. so, study what's in the market. there are cheaper cutting machines for starters before you commit.

This card for example, requires no cricut. its just combining the colours and add your own creativity and softness towards it, you can still come out with good results without the expensive machine!

Oh yes, i forgot, another alternative for cricut is punches. paper punches. you can get them big, small, tiny, and mega ones! now, that's something you should really consider and worth every cent!
This can be quite an expensive hobby. but it's basically making do with what you have and can afford to at the moment. that's how it all starts. challenge yourself with your creativity and you'll be amazed!
Hope this helps.


Curious Taste Bud said...

Thanks for tips. I was reading about the cricut on the net. The cartridges is expensive too. I'm sticking with scissors ;) for the time being. I probably wouldn't need a cricut (since I'm doing scrapbooking in a small scale). I was just jealous of the impressive looking machine :)

jo ayee said...

hi za..
sronokkan bila semua dah ada..senang buat kerja, as for me there are still list and list of what to buy for my kitchen. u one lucky gal.

tulipurple said...

wowwwww...u surely very d very lucky to have the cricut..but the most important thing u r so lucky for having such skills n talent in crafting!!loveeeee all ur job..kalo u in mesia,open up craft class..i'll be d 1st one to register :)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

curious tastebud: hi oyul. yes they are quite expensive. the expression is slightly more expensive then the normal one. and not including the catridges. sticking to scissors is a very wise option indeed, you can download some templets on the net if you want to cut out alphabets. save money!! if i have your photographic talent, i'd buy a new lense for a camera instead of a cricut! ;)

jo ayee: you're absolutely right. when everything's infront of you, in reachable places, within arms length, things get to flow even quicker! jo nak beli apa lagi untuk dapor? with the rate that you're going now jo, i dont think you need anything! :)

tulipurple: teaching requires talet too, and i dont have such talent, sadly! the closest i got was teaching preschool! which doesnt require much skill, just tonnes of patience! haha!