Monday, 31 March 2008

{Grab a Bite}

So here's my chocolate cupcake topped with a blueberry button! havent been baking lately (i'm no good in baking and decorating cakes), besides, the mood is still with crafting now that i've got my own work place. i can create cupcakes minus the oven and a mixer! one will need papers, scissors and a button! and there you have it!

Oh, and i did a slice of cake too! i found this box lying around and didnt know what to do with it until a couple of nights ago. it would be nice to have more than one, fill them up with cookies or sweets and display them on a platter for favors!

Go on.... grab a bite and a slice!


Anonymous said...

Cantekkknyaaaa !
I nak satu slice, tp kalu nak bagi 3, 4 slices pon I terim.

- rini -

zuraida said...

zaza... cantiknyaaaaa.

you are so creative! jealous tau!

Anonymous said...

nak se 'slice' boleyyy...??

cantik arr za..nak jugakk!!

k.ct said...

nak se'slice' boleyy..??

cantik arr za...nak jugakk!!

Mat Gebu said...

Haaa...yang ini sesuai dengan i kan zaza...Ah Mat Gebu...hehehehe....mmg cantik dan anggun rekaan u yg ni!!!

Wiz said...

This is now my favourite Zaza. Beautiful job.