Monday, 10 March 2008

Special Delivery!

Remember i wrote about my first order from a sweet heart? well, i told Hardy last week, since he's got some work and will be flying to the UK, please paste a first class stamp on the envelope and slip it throught the postbox at the airport before he leaves home. but to those of you who doesnt know, Hardy's full of surprises. what he did was, he did not post the card, he went straight to the address and handed it over to Salina! (he was in the same town as where Salina's staying).

Yellow is currently my favourite colour! besides, it's almost spring! it's always nice to cheer someone up, and congratulate someone for all her hard work with a bright colour like yellow, dont you think so?

As soon as Hardy reched the airport, after dropping off the card, he called me and said, "i delivered it personally!" and what he said after that was "such a nice young couple, very nice people". my guess was right. and what i got in return was 2 thick hardcover books on craft, from her (you really, shouldnt have, but thank you ever so much!). Hope we did not intrude your privacy Salina, by dropping by like that. i wish we could meet in person one day, both you and your husband.

Thank you again, for the 1st order, here's to a good start of a friendship!


jo ayee said...

hi .. za, still working on your craft. baik nyer hady, supportive betul. bye have a nice day

emly2175 said...

so cantik la the yellow ribbon..make me feel so sunny here in this cold office room..

anzed said...

i love seeing your craft..wish i was as creative. my zodiac signs says that i am creative..think i was born in d wrong month:)) take care!

CKN410 said...

hello zaza... Syikeen ur link from a friend of mine - Yasmin..I love looking at ur craft work. Need some advice where to but the stuff like the stamp all those thing. Am not creative but would like to have some craft work by myself. Hope u could visit my blog if u r free or just accept my ym invitation. Thanks

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

jo: he is really really supportive. and not to mention positive! you have a good week ahead jo!

emly: yellow can really brighten out a dull room kan? wear a cardy, or a jacket, you keep warm!

anzed: i'm sure everyone's creative! in their own special way of course, its just how you want to express yourself! have a good week k? love to you 3!

ckn: hi syikeen. nice chatting with you. thanks for dropping by. we'll chat again soon ya!