Saturday, 1 March 2008

The New Header

Ok.. so i've been wanting to put up my very own header on this blog for oh-so-long... and yesterday, i finally did it!

With my name cut out using my cricut. with my favourite papers and colours, with my favourite ribbon, and of course, not forgetting, my favourite buttons. yesterday, while Aidan was at school, i decided to give my scissors a rest and try out photoshop. honestly, i've never tried it before (yes, where have i been!?!) i hardly edit my pictures and yesterday, i braced myself through it! i dont think i have that much time playing with photoshop anymore! i'd rather sit down on my table and fiddle my fingers through real ribbons and papers!

The only thing is i dont know how to make it centred and smaller. i'll get there (with the help from Hardy, i know i will!). but in the meantime, hope you'll bare with me!

Hope you like it!


ratu syura said...

I love your new header! Am loving the colors too! For the love of me, I can only work with photoshop and not my two hands! hehe.. I'm sure once you've mastered photoshop, you'll come up with great creations!! can't wait to see 'em! ;)

Swahili said...

Im not a flower babe, but Ive always love those flower motif you have currently for your header.

Yes I got your reply on the Mum Blog.Actually i was only thinkin of one article.Gist-perhaps you write a short article of how know crafts you can make with your kids at home using the most be a change of topic.Run over the details more over email?

Slowly, I know you're busy. do your stuff me at your convenience.

Rita Ho said...

I love-love-love it! It is a reflection of your creativity and speaks volumes for all that you have crafted and will be churning out. :)

Anonymous said...

love your new header ! Kudos !!

~ Ddah

I Cook4Fun said...

Zaza, i love you new header. Really creative and beautiful.

Rose said...

I love it!!! Very very nice! :)

rina said...


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ratu syura: thank you dear! i dont think i'll get to master photoshop - ever. i'm too lazy sitting in front of the computer! i envy you!

swahili: insyaallah i will. thanks!!

rita: thank you! thank you! thank you!! i so want your address la! mail me!

ddah: thank you!

gert: thank you gert!.. and i love your fried noodles, i love your asian salad, i love your cakes, cookies... shall i go on?! ;)

rose & rina: thank you girls!