Friday, 28 March 2008

New In My Wallet

You know most people keep passport photographs in their wallets. i'm not one of them - until now! last tuesday or so, after complaining to Hardy that i've lost my Albert Heijn reward card, Hardy then was on a mission to search for it. he didnt go that far to find it. he opened up my wallet and "cleaned" it up. it was so bulky, full of receipts and unnecessary things (dont ask me why i still have my malaysian driving licence in there, my dutch licence should be sufficient! ). and i'm embarassed! his wallet was so neat, no receipts, no bits and pieces of papers, no business cards (all tucked away, filed!). He was laughing at me (and i was laughing at myself!), and all the things i had in there.

I then saw 2 pictures in Hardy's - one's Aidan's passport photo, and one's mine tucked neatly at a clear corner. again i felt embarrased for not having Aidan's photos and his in mine. the reason why i dont have their photos is probably because, Aidan's with me all the time. so no need to show pictures of Aidan, when i can show people him in real life! and as for Hardy's, well, he's always close to me and in my heart.. heheh ;) but now, since there's lots of space, i feel that i need to have both my boys in my wallet. and so i did this. an accordion book, a tiny one. fits perfectly in one of the slots.

Now my boys are always with me, in my heart, in my soul, in my mind, and in my wallet!


ajzie@kak azi said...

Cute nyaaaaaaa.. sukaaa

nina said...

How big is yr wallet Zaza? muat ka pics of yr dearest? tak tau la zaza, lately ni semua benda yg u buat k nina suka.. camna nih? ini boleh kasi tempah ka?

jo ayee said...

za..regarding keropok lekor tu kan..u taruk tepung sikit2 dulu. i suka yg byk tepung, others suka less depends on your gak dok jauh nyer ayee nak commute ..

Swahili said...

accordian style..great mind tink alike (hehe) my ongoing scrapbook project accordian too. show you soon-the sooon entah bila. haha

Mat Gebu said...

Bila masuk blog u kan rasa mcm "best" tau..perasaan tu mcm ada bunga2..ahakss (kenapa aku jadi jiwang ek?)..suka tgk style card yg u buat....memang lain dari yang lain!!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ajzie@kakazi: thank you.

k.nina: not that big but i've stuffed it with so many papers and receipts sampai the leather dah expand! the photos are passport photos, so they are not big at all, will definitely muat. boleh tempah... nak tempah apa?

jo: how will i know when it's ok to stop eh? i guess i have to do 2 batches and see the results first!

swahili: i wouldnt want consider my mind's great la.. in fact kan, i've very slow you know!

mat g: mat, bila kita masok blog che mat kan, perot kita selalu bunyi growling, air lior meleleh... rasa lapo noh! tapi tak pe, gambar mat dah cukup mengenyangkan!!! hehe :)