Sunday, 1 June 2008

- Before Barcelona -

Oh Boy! its already June! half of the year had passed! how fast time flies huh!? and what a day i had today! and what a week! i'm beat! i have had a few orders and some "business proposals" to consider, not to mention some stuff i'm working on with my A.rubi. it's all too exciting! i love getting myself busy, especially with the things that i love and enjoy doing!

And one other thing about me, i'm a real sucker for reality tv! hehe.. and when Simon Cowell's on the judging panel, i have just got to watch! yes, i am talking about Britain's Got Talent and what a show we had this year!! after a month of wathing it on telly, finally we have a winner, and quite frankly, more than 1 deserves to win (kan nin kan?).

Before i end my Saturday, i thought i might put up something for you lot. this is a card i made yesterday. the colours just go together, dont you think? its a congratulations card, not that i can send it to the winner of Britain's Got Talent! haha..

Its late, and i really should get going. i have to finish up packing. we're leaving for Barcelona tomorrow. and still a lot more to pack! quite nervous about tomorrow's flight actually (read it here). i wonder how you do it! But do wish me luck! i hope to have some good seafood in Spain! i might be able to blog from there... but we'll see!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! enjoy your Sunday. Good Night everyone...


Nina said...

yes lah Za. Nina pun obsessed with all this reality TV. Hahaha.. I have to agree with za that it should have been more than one winner. How I wish!! Nyway, za... you have a wonderful time there. Jealous lah dengar Za travel aje. Hope to hear from you soon. - Nina London

Melina said...

It's not all that difficult travelling with a baby. And it does get easier the more you do it as you learn very quickly what you do and don't need for the trip. Lagipun kan Za.....everytime I fly with Aiesha now it's to go home to it's worth the little hassle. Best time to fly is when they tend to sleep most....night flight. Day flight isn't too bad but it's also when they are awake more and tend to want to do no.2 more as well!! Active babies on board is fine....pooey babies (or rather toddlers) memang leceh as the changing table in the loo is only just big enough and then there's the mirror so they keep wanting to sit up to look at themselves. But honestly Za, long haul flights are not as daunting as it seems. Travelling solo with a baby....a superlight buggy (preferably a one hand fold version if baby still needs to be carried) and a rucksack is a must have.

Anonymous said...

hope u're having a great time!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

nin: who did you vote for? i quite like the girls! escala! i think they're really classy! but that george is a fighter! kan? tengok BB tak? haha.
we just got back from Barcelona! it is trully beautiful! best nin! you should go there! shopping is cheap, especially at ZARA!!!! i honestly dont know how you do it and i admire you for it! long haul not so daunting? errr...... you super mum!!!! i'm a supper worrier mum! haha!!

mrs mokhtar: we had a wonderful time! aidan had his first taste to the beach in barcelona!!! how was your trip?!