Monday, 16 June 2008

D-Day For Dads

Hardy woke up with a couple of presents and a colourful card full with scribbles from Aidan on Father's Day. Aidan and i enjoyed ourselves making a whole "mess" out of one of the presents and the card! i doubt Hardy will wear the tie on his meetings, but i hope he's proud of Aidan's work of art!

As for the other card, the one with slightly less colours and slightly less scribbles, and slightly more well laid, was made for my Dad.

Everyone thinks highly of their dads. i'm no different. i'm fortunate enough to still have my dad around. i think the world of him, and no card can express how much i love him.

Since we're going to see him soon, i've put the card upstairs in his room, on his bedside table. (which reminds me, i still havent wiped the tables!). i'm really excited to see him again, and how i've missed all his glorious cookings (especially arisa!!). i'm just counting the days!! yeayyy!!

To all dads, and soon to be daddys, hope this is not too late, but here's wishing all the wonderful, coolest, wicked stuff in the world to you guys! enjoy fatherhood!


Mat Gebu said...

salam zaza...lama tak singgah blog u, amboi makin kreatif laa....card for dad tu nampak 'macho' kan....tabik kat u lahh!!!

Milkberry said...

Awww that is just the cutest tie ever! I'm jealous! You got to see your dad soon (>_<) I'll only see him in October (Insya-Allah we'll be home in Malaysia on raya)... that's just a long way from now!

Rita Ho said...

I haven't been blog reading for a while, Z. My jaw just won't shut as my eyes caught up with all the beautiful cards you created!!

What is your biz url?

Swahili said...

Your cards has progressed to another level. It certainly has mature.

btw there are really beautiful and unique buttons here. when i look at them, i thought of you and what creative avenue you can put them through. if you like, send me a note/email with your home addy for a surprise bag of goodies.


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

mat g: kita lama tak singgah ke blog mana mana mat g. nanti kita singgah eh... sure air lior start meleleh lagi nanti bila tengok mangkok tepen mat g!

milkberry: he's here dah! yeay!! i'm sure gonna put on weight! hehe... october is just 4 months away! and you lucky little berry, you get to be in malaysia during raya!!!!

rita: you and your kind kind words rita! you know what, i made one for you! but i havent written anything inside yet.. hehe! the website is half finish, but the other half requires more time.. i havent had much time lately... esp now with aidan more lasak and more orders... gosh, i should ask someone to do it but it will cost me a bomb.. guess, i'd do it bit by bit lah. dunno when boleh siap! wish me luck! lots of love to you!!! will "visit" you soon k, i havent been reading any blogs as well....

swahili: thank you so much. i'd like to improve but i wasnt sure... i simply cant judge myself! i definitely need people to tell me, and after reading your comment, i actually felt relieved!

my dear, you're just way too kind... i love love love buttons! i have jars and jars of them... i'd only give you my address if i get to pay for them! amacam?