Tuesday, 3 June 2008

~ Flower Power ~

Before i left for Barcelona, i managed to save these photos and thought i might blog from here. lucky enough we have an internet connection int he room and as Hardy's downstairs at his conference, Aidan's still asleep, here i am, blogging from the hotel.

I always like to make something girlish. a few orders came from k.sharifah. one of them wanting me if i could make her a birthday card for her soon to be 7 year old daughter, her youngest. i just could not wait to get started coz i just knew what i wanted to do and what colours to go for!

So instead of a card, i made her a frame, she could hang it in her daughter's room or make it stand and put it on her bookshelf. i added her little girl's initial and some pretty cute embellishments. emailed k.sharifah a snapshot of it and she agreed! i then made a card just incase she would not go with the frame (will blog about that when we come back from Spain).

She was ever so kind and very friendly. here's to k.sharifah, thank you so much for trusting me! hope they all like the card! it is certainly nice to get to know you, nanti gi makan kan ikan bakar kat tepi laut for me eh? best wishes, always!


ummi365 said...

I love this so much, I wish I am still a kid..

Salina said...

Dear zaza,

Thank you very much for all the beautiful cards. I have already sent you a mail to confirm your address and the method of payment.
when you are free please check your email

a very satisfied customer

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

k.ummi: i'm sure all of us are still one! hehe...

salina: thank God you liked them! i was quite worried you wouldnt! thanks so much for all the wonderful things said and shared. i honestly hope we could meet one day! will reply to your email k?
lots and lots of love!!