Sunday, 8 June 2008

{Sailor Theme}

I've made quite a few friends back in uni. my bestest buddy back then and till now is a girl from Brunei. i can still remember the day we met outside the laundry room at Morell Hall, Oxford. she was so sweet and still is till today! we have had some really good times together (with the rest, especially with Lily (indonesian) and a few others). we then became housemates during our 2nd year, with another fellow friend Ashraf.

During our 3rd year, the Malaysian financial crisis hit us. it hit almost all Malaysians. some are more fortunate than us but it hit me and the other fellow malaysian students really bad. MARA didnt send anymore money to their scholars, JPA had to pull back a few students... it was a terrible time for most malaysians students. some had to take up a couple of odd jobs, just to survive. i worked at GAP (the most fun place to work!)

I was so lucky to have my housemates around at that time. Nina and Lily were so ever willing to help me and Ashraf with whatever financial situations we were in. they were amazingly generous with a capital G! and i'm so grateful to them till today. we still do keep in touch till today (thanks to Friendster and now Facebook).

So when Nina asked me to make a couple of cards for her husband and her dad for Father's Day, i felt yeay! now i can give a little something back! she's been hasseling me for my account number so that she could pay, but i kept saying "shhhhhhhhh" or i just change the topic!

I am till today, blessed with beautiful, wonderful friends. Ashraf's now married and living in Manchester, Lily's married and blessed with 2 cute kids, now living in Australia, Nina has 3 kids now, and recently moved to London and settling in very nicely. and lastly, here i am, living far from Malaysia. all the 4 of us are enjoying our lives, and all living out of our home countries! (can you believe it guys!)

Will post another one i made for Nina in my next post. Glad the package arrived safely, pleased that you liked them Nin!

All my love,


shopforshoppers said... sweet, all the abah must have love the card!!!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

k.sharifah: i hope so!

Nina said...

Zaza... I love all the cards and I'm sure that the 'dad' and 'papa' will love them too. Down memory lane, huh Za? :) To top all the memories, I really have had and still am grateful to have all of you (Lily, Ashraf) and especially you in my life. And I still cannot believe it that we are all settling away from our home countries. heheheh... We shud meet up!!
Anyway, Thank you so much Za for the cards and your ever caring hearts. Pssst.. I will still keep hassling you on your account number :-P Keep in touch!!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

nin: we really should meet up kan. but all 4 are scattered! if lily happens to be in europe, slightly nearer to us, we'll make it a point!
malam ni, big brother! the wedding! hahaha... so addictive lah! nak buat card pon dah tak boleh dah skarang! terok betul big brother ni!!!! miss you loads!