Sunday, 29 June 2008

Trev's Bread Pudding

My sister Fifi's good friend Trevor is a good cook. and not to mention a really cool bloke as well! he loves to cook! he shared his bread pudding recipe with us last year, i dont really like bread pudding but i LOVE this one!

Served with mum's delicious custard and i guarantee it'll be a sure hit! i'm still looking for the custard recipe, will update them in here once i get them downstairs, in my kitchen.

How was your weekend? what did you cook lately?

Trevor's Bread & Butter Pudding

16 medium sized bread
8 egg yolks
6oz castor sugar
300ml fresh milk
300ml double cream
1oz sultana
1 oz raisins
Unsalted butter for spread
Vanilla pod (if you dont have them you can use vanilla essence)


1. whisk egg yolks and sugar
2. simmer cream, milk, vanilla pod in a pot on low heat
3. once simmering pour egg yolk and sugar
4. keep mixing until it disolves and thickens
5. spread unsalted butter on bread and layer them in a oven proof container, cover bottom of the container and when you reach 3/4 layers add sultana and raisins
6. pour in the custard mix over bread and leave it to soak for 20 mins
7. chuck it in the oven for 15-20 mins on 180-200c

Thanks a lot Trev!!!


nana zaharey said...

Kak Zaza... mum's custard recipe plzzzzzz...heheh.. looks yummy...

Linad said...

zaza, byknye guna telur..
16 medium size eggs?

Linad said...

hehehe sorry, salah baca la
16 medium sized bread...
terkejut jugak tgk 16
biji telur...

Anonymous said...

To make it more terangkat, try adding some chocolate chips...... Yummyyyyyy.........


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

nana: hey, my mum met your mum at sabrina's house the other day!! hehe..

alamak, lupa nak amik kat bawah. i'm now upstairs and replying some mails and thought i'd reply most comments, lupa pulak nak bawak the recipe for mum's custard. nanti i'll post them k?

k.linad: alamak, sorry, ter tulis satu line pulak! haha.. i pon dok terpikir, eh did i put 16 eggs?! hahaha.... bila k.linad nak masak nih?!

k.shasha: choc chips? in bread pudding? really? will try the next time, but trevor's recipe ni just nice, very light and not so rich! but you know me, i eat everything chocolate, and i wouldnt mind trying!

JuJu Eyedaa said...

Zaza,.. looks delicious lar... X sabar nak try...

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

k.juhaida: recipe comes from a true brit! memang sedap! lemme know the outcome nanti ya!

Linad said...

baru je print recipe...
will try soon..

p/s: lama la tak main masak2..
baru tanya dayat any new recipe to try..