Monday, 23 June 2008

"Green" Fingers

My weekend's been awesome! well.. apart from Holland lost to Russia last couple of nights, it was pretty much awesome! the weather's been excellent and i hope it stays! i'm loving my garden each day now that it looks like one (well, almost!). i've been spending almost every morning outside, just clearing it up so that we can plant more blooms. we bought a garden table and a 2 benches last week, and now thinking of putting some slabs and hopefully a parasol! we waited for 2 summers to get the garden into shape. this year, hopefully, it'll be ready.

I'm always inspired by flowers. and this card basically sums it all up. but i have to say, i'm not good in planting them or keeping them alive! so i reckon i'd stick to paper flowers for now... anyway, i love to see the greens and all the wonderful colours we have now that it's summer. and for this particular card, i just love the colour combination, it's just me!

How was your weekend? have any new plants in your garden lately? i shall try my best to reply all individual comments and emails by the end of the week, now that i have a few helping hands ;)

Thanks for visiting and all the comments, till my next post...


zuraida said...

zaza, macam biasa k.zue kata, mesti cantik!!
Nanti ambil gambar garden eh! K.zue tak da garden, yang ada tanah sekangkang Hamizan. hehehehe

Milkberry said...

Awww I'm a bit jealous haha :P I'm waiting for my sun~~~ it's been raining a lot lately. Doesn't feel like summer at all. Sheesh what is this? England? Come on Japan! Don't disappoint me!! Heheheh have a great week Zaza!~ *Huggles*

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

the birthday girl: happy birthday k.zue!!! wishing you all the happiness in the world, dimurahkan rezeki, dipanjangkan umur... may all your wish come true!

sekarang ni malu nak tunjuk gambar garden la.. terok! but after a month of cabot lalang sendiri, i am quite proud of myself! hehe... try to plant some potted plants in your garden, senang nak jaga!

by the way, thank you so much for the gifts! aidan tak boleh pakai lagi baju tu, tapi dah basuh ngan dah letak dalam gobok dah! and i'm currently wearing the necklace!! thank you!! you shouldnt have!!! and what a lovely card, nak nangis tau bila baca.. sedih noh!!!

milkberry chookawaii: take some of ours! we've been having quite a lot of sun lately... glorious sun! so funny la you! haha... come on japan! hup hup japan!!

(p.s: how's your shop doing?)

Swahili said...

My arms are tanned and boleh masuk WWF Women champion pasal ada muscle tarik weeds, haha. Otherwise flourshing with our Melayu herbs, mana nak lari kalau dah melayu.

Buttons : the ones they have here are really nice, rugi tak dapat. i suggest two ways, 1) mail to your parents place in jb since my inlaw in Jalan Durian Angsana Mall or 2) send to hardy hotel when he's here.

both ways no money involved or perhaps..errr just cubit pipi Aidan for me =)

zuraida said...

zaza, baju for Aidan tu mmg k.zue beli besar sikit sebab terikut cam Hamizan, baju umur 2 thn dah ngam2 je. kalau beli ikut umur sure 6 bulan je boleh pakai pas tu kena beli baru. hehehe.. Hope he likes it.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

swahili: wow! you can plant!! i cant even plant! they all seem to die, even those potted ones like rosemary and thyme! i should put more effort lah! like you, i love pulling all those weeds too! our garden terok gila, at one point macam semak samun hutan rimba. but this year, we make it a point to clean it up since aidan dah pandai lari!

those buttons sound so tempting dear. hardy wont be going to riyadh anymore this year. and your inlaws are in jb? angsana? i love angsana! *sigh... i miss angsana...* anyway... my parents are here!! baru je sampai!! what say you, if i go to riyadh, you take me to the shop? we can shop away..... you're so thoughtful lah. but i hate to trouble people even when they say it wont trouble them at all! hehe. but i'll let you know once my buttons are running low k? thanks ever SO much!!

pipi aidan dah kena cubit. merah sikit dah! haha. jap lagi reda lah!

k.zue: baju besar lagi... hamizan dah pakai size 3 ke???? aidan will like everything, but his mama likesssssss paddington very very much. i was born with it and grew up with paddington! at one point, rasanya masa 6-8 tahun obsessed with it! haha.

ni nak marah sikit nih... apsal susah susah beli kan kita barang? simpan duit, datang sini!! harga minyak ngan beras kan dah naik... i know how much it hurts to be back at home right now. tak moh beli lagi eh. kompol duit datang sini, atau kita gi makan nanti bila za balik jb!

(p.s: gambar hamizan yang pakai jubah kita dah letak kat depan meja craft!)

Wiz said...

Green fingers are something I dont have Z. I plant something and they die on me. Not sure why. Maybe the over zealousness ke, terlebih baja ke. Now my garden, more accurately my grassy patch are devoid of anything flowery. Tension tau. I guess I too stick to my crafts - making flower gardens on my cakes.