Thursday, 5 June 2008

Sweet Treat

We just got back from Beautiful Barcelona! and what a time we had! i totally loved it and would absolutely LOVE to go back again! i feel like sharing it with you right now, here but i should blog and share photos at my other blog. will keep this one strictly for my arty crafty bits and my cookings.

Its surely good to be back in my craftroom again! did some good cleaning, and now preparing my table for more projects! there's just too many things coming this month and next!

As i said in my last post, i wasnt quite sure if k.sharifah would agree to my picture frame, and so i made a card as well. i sent her both pictures and she couldnt decide which one to go for and so she chose BOTH! :)

A girly card with hearts, flowers, a cupcake and girly colours to go with it. you just have to have some pink! just to personalize the card a bit, i added her name inside the card.

So here's to Shakirah, Happy 7th birthday! and may all your dreams come true. hope you like the card and the frame as much as i have making it for you!

Oh, and if you're wondering if the card comes with the pink cupcakes background, the answer is no! hehe. that one's actually a recipe book given to me from my sister! it is still very new and i have yet to fill it up with recipes! sayang lah!!!

Allright guys, to those who left comments, thank you so so very much! i am now going to download our photos from our Barcelona trip and will write about them when Aidan's at school tomorrow morning. not making cards tonight, as i already did one this afternoon. i'm off to watch Big Brother in a bit! (see! i told you i'm a sucker for reality tv!! and dont you just love Davina!)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


tulipurple said...

aduishhh...rindunye nk tgk hasil kreatif u zaza...byk dah i miss...all fabulous!!zazaaaaaa....i tersgtlah geram kat u...hahahaha!speechless sebenonye nie..huhu.

rYn said...

hye.. kreatif nye! suke tgk!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

tulipurple: geram macam mana tu?! hehehe.... elaborate!!! haha! kidding! thank you yet again la my dear. i'm quite pleased with how this card actually turned out. puas hati!

ryn: hi! thanks for hopping by!