Tuesday, 10 June 2008

My Sister Fifi's Delicious Prawns with Crunchy Coconut

My sister cooks this mean dish whenever we're in Warwick. i absolutely adore prawns and i simply love this dish! its the combination of crunchy, sweet and hot! crunchy from the coconut, sweet from the prawns and hot from those tiny little super hot chillis (we call them cili padi).

Hardy got us some prawns at the market last Saturday and i quickly called up my sister to ask how she did it. it turned out good, but not as good as hers! her wok must be slightly older than mine! hehe... or maybe she's simply a better cook than me!? (thats debatable!)

We bought half a kilo of prawns and by the end of it all, we were stuffed! we seldom buy prawns (i'd say once in every 2-3 months!) ... so i suppose it's alright to spoil ourselves with some cholesterol once in a while!

My Sister Fifi's Delicious Prawns with Crunchy Coconut and Curry Leaves (i dont know what else to name it!)


1 packet of Desicated Coconut

half a kilo of fresh prawns

3 Cloves of Garlic

Half a handful of Curry Leaves (i put a handful, i simply love them)

5-6 Tiny Super Hot Chillis (cili padi)

Sweet Soy Sauce (i used our favourite Kicap Kipas, the best!)


1. Heat the wok and pour the desicated coconut in. stir and stir and stir till it gets golden (careful not to burn them!). Once done, transfer them into a bowl.

2. Fry the prawns for about 3-4 mins. Once they turn sassy pink, transfer them into a bowl/plate and leave a tad bit of oil in the wok.

3. Fry the garlic, chillis and curry leaves till the smell gets to you, then add in the coconut and prawns. mix them well and add about 1-2 tbps of soy sauce. mix them well for another min or two.

SEDAP GILA FI! thank you!!!


nana zaharey said...

Hi Kak Zaza.. How are u? Simple recipe but Nampak sedap giller nak kena try nie... yeah..yeah.. Hidup Kicap Kipas.. Hidup Johor...!!!hehehehe...

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

hey nana! how are you guys? enjoying the sun in dublin? memang simple sgt na, i cant believe it myself! try it out, and let me know ya!
yep yep!! hidup kicap kipas! (sana dapat kicap kipas tak? kat sini tak ada.. we have brought back 10 bottles last year, ada lagi tinggal satu jek nih.. we're running low...!)
take good care! lots of love to the kids!

Hafizah Haris said...

Hai zaza...

ur udang looks so tempting...
since you dah provide the recipe, nampak gayanya tak lama lagi kenala cuba...

here in JB setengah seafood restaurant diorg ganti kelapa tu dgn cereal, so mungkin less calorie kot..hehehhe..so something for u to variety ur dish next time;)

Kak Fiza
aka Hafizah Haris
(in case tak ingat me:))

Milkberry said...

Waaaa looks yummy~~~ Zaza you got any recipes for creamy butter prawns? Maybe you can share it hehe~ Nampak sedap je. Is it hot? If it's hot then I cannot makan *sobs*

Alief's Fav Aunt said...

wah..dapnyer..kak fi pandai masak ek????its in the blood i guess..nyeh..nyeh..but the udang looks so tempting la..mcm ala2 butter prawn tapi with coconut ek?nak try la..nyum..

I Cook4Fun said...

That is one mouth watering dish. I too like this kind of dish a lot. You can never go wrong with coconut, curry leaves and chili padi :) :)

jo ayee said...

salam za....nampak sedap sgt udang tu..nak buat pun senang..mesti cuba ni..

shopforshoppers said...

Salam Za...

Akak nak cubalah resepi udang nih, sure sedap, nengok gambo jerr perut dah lapar nih..

Wiz said...

Oh no Zaza, I love prawns too but I can't have any of it, not even the air rebusan or the misai he he he. I am totally allergic to it. Maybe I will try this resepi with chicken, ok tak, or fish...ala mesti tak sesedap udang. Now I'm mad.

mummy lesha said...

u're making my air liur meleleh with this picture !

it looks so yummy ! i must try this recipe soon !

Anonymous said...

YUMMY!!! Balik nih gak i try buat. BTW try having cuttlefish instead. I have the same recipe but using cuttlefish. Lazat! Oh i simply want to learn to make RSS' sotong butter. Do you know how to make it? Till now i cannot figure out what those crunchy bits..macam telur, or carrot or cornflakes. hmm no idea. yaya

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

k.hafiza: i tried using oats, memang sedap, but coconut tak ramai orang buat kan, it's something different. but the cara dia sama actually. kat jb banyak seafood kan? i miss eating out... kat sini, kalau teringin nak makan apa apa, kena masak sendiri! survival! haha....

milkberry: hardy asked for the same thing... creamy butter prawns... but i havent tried them... and i've never even heard of them... i should look it up on the net lah. this prawns yang ni tak pedas, just put less cili padi, you'll be fine!!

semorang nye makcik: k.fi pandai masak... terrer!! a.redza pon pandai!!!!

gert: you are absolutely right! you can never go wrong with cili padi and curry leaves... gert, do you know how to make creamy prawns?

jo: try jo!! senang je! kitorang makan setengan kilo dua orang! hahaha....

k.sharifah: do try them!! let me know nanti macam mana rasa dia k? by the way, i havent replied your email regarding the second orders for the cards. order noted, and will be in progress soon. thanks so much for giving me ample time to work on them!!!

wiz: kelakar la.... hahahha... be mad... be really really mad....but look at the bright side, your cholesterol level must be good! ours sure tinggi gila! hehhe..

mummy lesha: try it!! let me know how it turned out ya? you can never go wrong! it's dead simple!

yaya: RSS? sotong butter? wahhh.... tak tau itu semua! you know what, that crunchy bit might be egg yolk. i saw this one chinese chef masak with the cruncy bits made out of egg yolk!!! i might be wrong!! hehe..

(p.s: belated birthday wishes!! how was your birthday? had fun?)

nana zaharey said...

Hi KakZaza.. we're doing great here..Weather xmenentu but oklah..since ameera dah start cuti sekolah nie. Byk activiti boleh buat.
Kicap kipas kat sini BANYAK!!!heheh..We can get it almost everywhere in Asean food store. Emmm maybe u should come here for holiday to stock up ur kicap??? heheh
Take care 2u2.. Hugs to Chubby Aidan and kirim salam auntie & uncle.

Anonymous said...

sorry took sometime to reply...got stuck with projects plak. btw i tried ur recipe nih.waaahh licin!!! egg yolk ehh? i wonder how. i must go google it. anyway RSS sotong butter yummy!! ada some bits of carrots, plus that crunchy thing..egg yolk maybe. simply ooohhhlalala.

birthday was great! i spent mine at avillion, pd. jadi lah a weekend away from home, cooking, washing. macam tak nak balik:)yaya