Thursday, 12 June 2008

Scrabble Dad

Oh my god! it's gonna be Father's Day this Sunday and i still dont have a clue what to give and plan for Hardy. I have been busy like a bee lately! i need to calm myself down today and list down what i have to do! i dont think i'm THAT organized, i jump from doing one thing to another. i have Ninie's orders to finish up (that's a very interesting project, i should share with you once it's finalized). I'm helping my A.Rubi, sharing my ideas and planning for Raya (very very exciting, i get all clappy and cherry when we talk and discuss!), i have the house chores to finish up and of course Aidan & Hardy to care for. i wish i have more than 24 hours a day! time flies So fast now that it's summer! and Big Brother's not helping! argh!

I did this card a couple of weeks back, with a scrabble theme in mind. my dad doesnt scrabble, how about yours?

I'm really cracking my head now.. what should i do for Hardy this Father's Day!??!?! after what he did for me, and got me last mother's day, i dont think i can top that off!

Anyway, i really really really should run now. the weather's wet and gloomy here, we're stuck indoors! Aidan and i kept looking outside, out of our dining glass door... hoping we could go out. i was looking at my plants in the garden (i'm beginning to like gardening now), and Aidan kept looking at his sand pit and his new wheelbarrow.... hope it gets better tomorrow!


Milkberry said...

Oooo nice!! I like it! How about a golf-themed card for a golfer dad? That's an idea!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

milkberry: i dont know how to make a golf card la... wait till i get some ideas and find some golf embellishments. i defintiely have to try! thanks for the idea... will look out for some golf stuff when i'm in town later this week...