Friday, 20 June 2008

Happy Birthday Hardy

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It's Hardy's birthday today and i was up on my feet the whole day yesterday! i didnt even sit down till it was dinner time!

I was cracking my head on what to give him for his birthday for the past couple of weeks. he could do with a golf set but it requires him to try them out, some gadgets? he knows best (i dont even know there's an mp4!!), i even went on the net to look for some ideas, one was tempting, an acre of the moon for GBP20! it is so difficult to get guys a present! they are either way too expensive or just irrelevant! no, he doesnt need another watch, no he doesnt need another perfume, and so i decided not to give him something material (since i'm not a material girl! hehe, neither is he!). so i pledge to him, that i'll be a better wife, an improved better half, will take good care of him and today, his wishes are my command!

I've just spoke to my mum in law on the phone just now and thanked her for giving birth to my wonderful husband 34 years ago. we share some wonderful news, nice heartwarming stories, lots of laughters and shared some of our experiences. i miss mama...

It was all worth it. the look on his face and the thankfulness in him.. every tired bone and muscles are all now gone.

Anyway, i'm not gonna write any lovey dovey stuff for Hardy in here, i shall leave it between the 2 of us! so here's to you H, wishing you lots and lots of happiness, and hellava happy birthday! hope you like the cheesecake Aidan and i made! we love you more and more each day!


tulipurple said...

eppy sweet bday to ur hubby zaza..wahh,nice 'present'lah dis year zaza..i like ur idea.but it's true kan guys' gift it's either wayyyy 2 expensive or irrelevant.'s such a brilliant idea to call ur MIL on Hardy's bday!

p/s:my hubby kuciwa Oranje kalah...

Anonymous said...

Like to read your blog. You've yr own style of writing and your writing is interesting.

I Cook4Fun said...

Happy belated birthday to your dear hubby. So he is a Gemini too :)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

tulipurple: kami juga kecewa sgt.. almost everyone were feeling gutted the next day! for almost a month holland's covered in orange!!! now, most of them have taken off their decorations!

memang susah kan carik birthday presents for guys? dok pecah kepala pikir nak beli apa... last last i thought.. the best present a husband can get is for the wife to be a better one... nasib baik he agrees with me! haha. i call hardy's mum every year to thank her on hardy's brithday! she's one cool mama!!

anonymous: hi! thanks for visiting! glad you find it interesting.. it can get a little bit boring i can assure you... hehe..

gert: and a belated birthday wishes to you too my dear! how was the holiday? you had a good time? i will check out your blog soon for some photos... and gert, i hope to try those agar agar soon lah. so yummy looking!

yes, hardy's a gemini as well!