Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Mr & Mrs Wharfer

I've made some wonderful friends here in the blog world. one of them is known as the wharfer. she's extremely sweet in every possible way, and i love her writings and she takes brilliant photos! i've sent her a card to celebrate spring some time ago, and then she and her husband celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary, i just had to make a card for them!

I wanted to make a cat card since mrs. wharfer (am i allowed to call you by name in here?! i wasnt sure! hehe) loves cats, but i didnt have any materials to work on and so i opted for a simpler one.

She's been trully something, even without her knowing it. the way she compliments makes me smile throughout the day. now with a baby on its way, more cards coming on the way to canary wharf!

Here's wishing you both, all the love and happiness in the world.. may you always be in love!


Milkberry said...

That's so sweet of you!! And congratulations to Mr & Mrs Wharfer's 7th Anniversary! They are blessed with a nice friend who makes pretty pretty cards!

Anonymous said...

Youve been such a fab fab person, and yes Milkberry is quite right that I am truly blessed to have found you in the blogsphere.

Thank you so much Zaza and I can only wish the same (and much much more) - love, good health and happiness to last you a lifetime!

Thank YOU!!

Mrs Wharfer xoxo

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

milkberry: you know, i think i'm begining to have more friends in the internet world lah.. and in some cases, its like we've known each other for a while... thanks to this blog kan, i get to know some really cool people... and recently, i got to know this one cute little berry, dok jaoh kat jepang!

tw: and so am i! lucky indeed to have "met" you in here! i wish you more and more and more and much much more than more! hehe...